Families First Headquarters

In 2016, Families First received an $8,500,000 NMTC investment to acquire and convert a former Atlanta Public Schools’ building into its headquarters and main services facility.  Families First provides an array of social services to provide safe homes for children with unstable lives, housing for families with embedded support services that promote self-sufficiency, and counseling services to support parental growth and skill building.  Located near the Ashby MARTA rail station in Washington Park, this 38,000 square foot project will help Families First relocate its programs to a more accessible location for its clients, substantially expand its programming, and provide upgraded facilities.  The new facility will allow Families First to serve 52,000 clients annually, 91% of whom are projected to be low-income.  For more information visit http://www.familiesfirst.org/.


Investor: SunTrust

program: New Markets Tax Credits